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Finance Solution

  • Access to competitive financing cost
  • Off balance sheet trade finance -warehouse receipt- Import Finance- Export Finance- Input Finance- value adding
  • Structured Trade finance
  • Islamic financing solutions

Treasury & Balance Sheet Management

  • Liquidity from financing using trade backed banker’s acceptance.
  • Debt restructuring and refinancing advisory and Capital protection.
  • Structuring to allow growth in off -balance sheet financing.

Trade Finance Advisory

  • Market accessibility for new clients
  • Middle office advisory: We help financers and traders develop a robust middle office platform to manage commodity price and value at risk daily. This will cover price movements, Mark to Market, value at risk of each commodity portfolio. It will also provide the base for daily reconciliations of positions.
  • Trade Value Chain analysis
  • Tailor- made trade solutions -supply chain and logistics.
  • Due diligence services
  • Business set up and development in Sub -Saharan Africa
  • Market and Industry risk analysis

Capacity Building

Training programs to improve the Human Capital base of banks and other financial institutions focusing on:

  • Credit Risk Management
  • Middle Office
  • Treasury Management
  • Trade Finance Products and Structures
  • Origination and Customer Management
  • Project Risk Management


Help Small to Medium size enterprises develop a governance framework suitable for their operating environment with a clear management structure and defined roles for ease of implementation. We will also provide technical support for the boards of these enterprises where necessary.